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Magpie Editing

Comprehensive editing services.

Honest but gentle, meticulous, and considerate: I catch subtle typos, close plot holes, and flag continuity errors. Contact me today, and I’ll make your prose glow.

I have a special focus on diversity and diverse fiction, and extensive experience with science fiction, YA, and romance in particular. I have written and published multiple novels, created and published multi-author short story anthologies, and successfully submitted stories to other multi-author anthologies.

In addition, I have provided ghost-writing services to develop outlines for a number of publishing companies; my clients range from independent (“indie”) authors to many small presses and publishers, as well as pen name companies.

You can find out more about my writing (and editing!) at the following sites:

Salvage Trinkets

Jewelry and knitwear inspired by upcycling with a rustic, magical, and punk edge. Check out an array of knitted accessories and beaded or wire-work jewelry featuring beads, semi-precious stones, and cold wirework.

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